Online Algebra I Class Can improve Rural Students Access, Skills

Algebra apps : With Algebra I regularly seen as a gateway course, online algebra classes can bridge the opening for rural students who are prepared for advanced math but whose schools need the resources for a formal class, according to the first federal longitudinal study of online algebra instruction.

The study, released today by the local Educational Laboratory Northeast and Islands, finds that 8th graders taking a virtual algebra course performed better in algebra test and were nearly twice as likely to take exact math courses by 10th grade as students who only had access to general 8th grade math.

Researchers tracked the Math Apps and course taking trends of 1,885 students from 68 overwhelmingly rural schools in Maine and Vermont.

Each school recognized students prepared to take algebra in 8th grade during the 2008-09 school year, and then was randomly assigned to also have those students participate in a online Algebra I class or go through the normal hodgepodge of 8th grade math knowledge, a middle school course including some algebra topics, dual enrollment in a high school algebra class, or even analysis an algebra book on their own at the back of the room.

Moreover, by the end of 9th grade, researchers set up the students who had taken Algebra 2 online in 8th grade were almost twice as likely to be taking a rigorous math track, including geometry and Algebra II by 10th grade.

Students who had not had right of entry to the online course, by contrast, were more likely to be doubling up on math classes in an attempt to catch up. "We know the importance of providing Algebra I to eighth graders who are prepared to take the course," said Armando Vilaseca.

Amazing News : Crazy yet amazing photos

Amazing Photos: Animal activists, painted in "blood", lie on a pile of fur through a protest in Belgrade November 18, 2011. The protest was held in conjunction with the "anti-fur" campaign in Europe.

Bolivian squirrel monkeys get together around a toy football during a photocall at London Zoo in central London, on August 18, 2011. The zoo has a total of 22 squirrel monkeys, with one adult male 'Bounty' having fathered eleven children.

Nancy Osbalderston, Barry Drummond, Nathan Young and Ruth Brill of the English National Ballet launch "Dance GB" at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich at the Old Royal Naval College on October 24, 2011 in London, England.

A Street entertainer lays down on a bed of nails during a performance on the Royal Mile to encourage their shows during in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on August 24, 2011 in Edinburgh, Scotland. This 65th Edinburgh Festival edging is the largest arts festivals in the world, it was established as an alternative to the International Festival also held in August.

A double-decker bus passes the "Hand of God" sculpture by Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn in central London August 21, 2011.

Guinness World Records holder John Cassidy performs a balloon act for U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, in this certified White House handout photo taken October 11, 2011 and acquired by Reuters from the White House on November 7, 2011.

A woman dives from a platform into a giant air bed at a park in Palmerston North September 29, 2011, as part of a festival organised for the Rugby World Cup.

The world's tallest Basketball player, British man Paul Tiny Sturgess measuring 231.8cm high poses in front of the British inventor of the world's smallest legally roadworthy car Perry Watkins in his vehicle measuring 104.14cm high, 66.04cm wide and 132.08cm long at Guinness World Records Day in London on November 17, 2011.

Christian Esquivel of Mexico receives a punch from Shinsuke Yamanaka of Japan during their World Boxing Council (WBC) bantamweight title attack in Tokyo November 6, 2011.

Indian contestants hold a pose during the Punjab state Yoga Competition in Amritsar on September 24, 2011. 275 Yoga players participated in the yoga competition.

Model Lucy wears 60 metre long dress made of leaves from Delamere Forest in Cheshire to celebrate the final arrival of Autumn/Winter fashion at McArthurGlen Cheshire Oaks fashionable Outlet on October 12, 2011 in Ellesmere Port, England.

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Newberry techno savvy students raising money for calculus calculators

Newberry High School math students may soon be learn in a high tech environment. Math teacher David Hardy is spearheading a fundraiser to obtain specialized calculators for the students that work in conjunction with stylish boards. 

Newberry High School math teacher David Lance Hardy wants his students to not only have a top notch tutoring, but to also enjoy and contribute in subjects like calculus calculator and algebra 2 online that can be rigorous and dry at period. 

His answer to addressing dullness and lack of participation in his classroom is to use new, interactive calculators that will interest this techno savvy generation of students, who are growing up with iPods and laptops. 

The TI-83 calculators, which are manufactured by Texas Instruments, feature screens that are big and colorful, and the math problems can be displayed on smart boards, thanks to the instruments TI-83 help. Below the sponsorship program, a donor does not have to buy the entire package. 

A Bronze sponsorship at $90 will purchase one TI-83 Calculator; a $180 Silver sponsorship will purchase 2, a $450 Gold sponsorship will purchase 5; a $900 Platinum sponsorship will purchase 10 and a $2,100 Diamond sponsorship will purchase one TI-Navigator System. 

The University of Florida has been using these calculus calculators as well, Hardy said, and math professors have offered their help to train Newberry math teachers once they buy the system

Amazing Mind boggling perspective photos

amazing world news : A amazing collection of photographs that use visual trickery to mess with your mind.

amazing world news:Longest carpet of flowers laid in China

A new Guinness World Record for the longest carpet of flowers was located in Kaifeng City, Henan Province, China. 

It Measuring 2,011 m (6,597 ft 8 in), the colorful carpet beat the previous record of 1,915.6 m (6,284 ft 9 in) set in Mexico in 2010. 

This record setting display of flowers was shaped by the People's Government of Kaifeng City (China) for the 29th Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Festival, which runs during the month. 

Consisting of 22,110 potted chrysanthemums a flower for which the city has a lengthy history of refining the carpet measured 1.65 m (5 ft 4.96 in) in width and took 120 people eight days to create. 

Guinness World Record Adjudicator Angela Wu measured the carpet of flowers together with a professional technician, previous to presenting the official certificate to the organizer.

Brahim Takioullah places world record for largest feet

Amazing world News : Guinness World Records can today validate that Brahim Takioullah from Morocco at present holds claim to having the world's largest feet. 

The 29 year old, who presently lives in Paris, France has a left foot measuring 1ft 3in (38.1 cm) in length, while his right actions 1ft 2.76 in. 

His massive height also places him as the world's second tallest living man, two inches at the back Sultan Kosen of Turkey who stands at 8ft 3in. Brahim, who grew up in a tiny Moroccan village, had a huge growth burst during his teens which saw him grow three feet in just one year, however, no one thought to examine his unusual size until he was 18. 

"The school doctor noticed that I was this massive size and asked me to get some blood tests. I did that, and I was diagnosed with a very exceptional condition called acromegaly," he explains. 

He contacted Guinness World Records himself to face up for the record, and says he is proud to have it recognized, though daily life is not without its problems. 

He hopes one day to have an especially built car he could drive himself, but for now even getting a pair of shoes stretches his finances, he takes a European size 58, which no shop has ever stocked. 

French doctors are working to decrease Takioullah's brain tumour, and he hopes his newborn fame will help him find the specialist treatment he needs. 

"The record now will be known around the world, and experts somewhere around the planet may be able to help," said Craig Glenday, Editor In Chief of Guinness World Records.

Yoga Guinness Records
Guinness World Records

World’s oldest car sells for an startling $4.6 million

The world's oldest running motorized vehicle, an 1884 De Dion Bouton ET Trepardoux, exceed all expectations while it sold for $4.6 million on Friday. 

De Dion Bouton ET Trepardoux

The vehicle was auctioned at RM Auctions Hershey deal on Friday. The vapor powered De Dion almost doubled its presale estimate was $2-$2.5 million. 

The bidding started at $500,000 and moved quickly to $4.2 million where the car was strike sold ($4.62 million with buyer's premium). 

The buyer of the De Dion is only the fifth person to have owned this oldest car in 127 years.

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World's Largest Pair of Jeans Ever

Guinness World Record for stitching the largest pair of blue jeans celebrated. one day after cranes bent while trying to lift the giant 7.5 tonne pants. 

Workers laid the pair on the position and put big balloons inside the legs to show off the size of the jeans, which are 141 feet (43 m) tall and 98 feet (30 m) wide. 

That Jeans have pockets, red buttons and a brown belt. The crane operators gave up trying to lift the pants with three machines and went looking for a fourth. 

They wanted to lift the pants to show them. On Friday, workers had to bit the idea of hoisting the jeans altogether. 

The Colombian city of Medellin at present holds the record for the world’s largest pair of jeans, which is exact by size, according to the clothing company that organized the event in San Juan de Lurigancho, a district full of textile plants east of the Peru’s capital, Lima. 

The previous Guinness record grip is Colombian pair and it were 114 feet (35 m) tall by 82 feet (25 m) wide. The company’s chief executive said, material from the pants will be cut to create backpacks for area school children.

Yuvraj Walmiki gets Rs 1 lakh from Maharashtra Deputy CM Ajit Pawar

MUMBAI: Maharashtra delegate chief minister Ajit Pawar on Thursday handed a cheque of Rs one lakh to Indian hockey player Yuvraj Walmiki

The 21 years old forward met Pawar at the Mantralaya on Thursday morning. Walmiki scored in the penalty strokes during the final of the Asian Champions Trophy final on Sunday against Pakistan in China.

The NCP leader also took reminder of the disconnected electricity at Walmiki's residence and asked BEST general manager Om Prakash Gupta to immediately restore the supply. 

The state government is also setting up to allot Walmiki a flat in the city.

Obama and Bush join together for a first sep11th ceremony

It was touching, formal and a first for them both: President Barack Obama and former President George Bush, side by side, at site of the former World Trade Center towers. 

Last spring, just days after Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. army, Obama flew to New York City for a few moments at Ground Zero, to respect those who had fallen in the terrorist attacks. 

But when he completed an invitation to former President George W. Bush, the invite was declined. 

On Sunday, the two stood gently in front of the bronze parapets that envelop the giant reflecting pools, which stand in the correct footprints of the former twin towers. 

First Lady Michele Obama stands by the president's side, and Laura Bush stand next to the former president. 

On May 5, when he visited the site, Obama renowned, "It did not matter who was in charge, we were going to make sure that the perpetrators of that terrible act that they established justice." 

At the time, the former president wished to stay out of the spotlight, CNN reported a Bush spokesman saying. 

But today's ceremony combined the two families, and was noticeable by the memorable sign when Michele Obama comforted Laura Bush as she broke down in tears.

World record challenge: 1,600 kilometer outback ride on electric bike

Emission free journey through the outback will take one week, if pedals go to plan Allan Lear and his green machine set off on his 1,600-kilometer journey. 

Allan Lear set off from the Sunshine Coast this morning on his reliable electric bike. The hottest news has him pedaling his green, 200 watt machine over the Toowoomba Range. 

He plans to travel around 300 kilometers a day, with a peak speed of 65 kph, and complete the 1,600 kilometer journey to Birdsville on September 1. "There will be long stretches of rough dirt road which will be very difficult for the bike. It is a mountain bike and for me,” Lear, 45, told the ABC. 

"If i can do this, then anyone can." If he get succeeds, it will be the longest electric bike ride the world has seen. His self made line will be a green Mini Moke prepared for necessary battery swaps that runs on food scraps. 

Four of his mates will bring along postie bikes and trip some of the way. And, of course, there will be a journalist for Guinness World Records

The journey started at Hahn Environmental Services a sustainable energy and waste removal company Lear runs together with his wife, Gerardine. She is tracking every pedal of her husband’s trial by GPS. He is an adventurer as much as he is an environmentalist, she said. 

“So this suits him he can do both. The breeze turbine he creates pedaling maintains the bikes battery charge." Her husband agrees. “I really consider electric bikes are the transport mode of the hope. They are clean, green and easy to exploit.

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Indian Corruption: Hundreds held over Hazare protest

India has deIndia has without it is stifling democratic protest after police arrested 1,300 people to halt a starvation strike by an anti-corruption activist. 

A famous campaigner Anna Hazare was arrested hours before his fast against a proposed new anti-corruption law. India's Home Minister P Chidambaram said the detentions were because protesters had not obeyed police circumstances for the demonstration. 

"We are not ruling out a peaceful democratic protest we are trying to find a reasonable set of conditions under which protests can take place." Mr Hazare says India's anticipated anti-corruption should be able to investigate any official including the prime minister and judges. 

Correspondents say he has accessible a growing challenge for the Indian government on corruption in Asia's third leading economy, where a series of new high profile scandals have tarnished the government's image. As news of Mr Hazare's arrest increase, his supporters came out on the streets of many Indian cities in complain. 

Those peoples were arrested at different places in Delhi, with most of them being taken to a stadium in the city. Mr Hazare, 74, had pledged to go on famine strike in the capital, Delhi, on Tuesday despite police denying him permission to fast for more than three days. 

India's Home Secretary RK Singh said Mr Hazare had been seized because he said he "intended to challenge prohibitory orders" and go on fast at a park in Delhi. The police laid down six conditions for the swift to take place, which included the following. 

'Corruption culture' Mr Hazare has called the proposed anti-corruption legislation a "nasty joke" and has described the fight against corruption as the "second war of independence". 

He said the society would not stop with his arrest. Lawyer Prashant Bhushan, a famous supporter of Mr Hazare, said his detention proved that the government was "arrogant and not heeding to the democratic rights of the people". 

On Monday, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said hunger strikes by campaigners would not help to undertake corruption. India has recently been hit by a thread of high profile corruption scandals, including a multibillion dollar supposed telecoms scam, alleged financial malpractices in connection with the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games and allegations that houses for war widows were diverted to civil servants. 

Critics of the government say the scandals point to a pervasive culture of dishonesty in Mr Singh's administration. India's Home Minister P Chidambaram said the imprisonment were because protesters had not obeyed police conditions for the demonstration. 

India's Home Secretary RK Singh said Mr Hazare had been detained because he said he "intended to defy prohibitory orders" and go on fast at a park in Delhi. 

The police laid down six conditions for the fast to get place, which included the following: the fast should be restricted to three days, no more than 400 to 500 people are allowed to meet, and there is parking for a certain number of vehicles.

Nikon Shows Off Wild model Cameras

Nikon was on hand over at some sort of French photography show called Hello Demain, which it seems that means Hello Tomorrow. 

 The show the photography massive was showing off new prototype and idea digital cameras that do not look like anything. I would have likely from Nikon. 

 This camera is really cool and goes little steps more in customization than just letting you choose lenses. The camera has an identical grip and LCD as well. 

The weirdest of the plans is a concept called the Nikon Multiball. There aren’t any real facts and the thing looks like some sort of 3D panoramic camera to me.

The next prototype camera looks similar to tablet with handles on each side. The thing has a 6 inch screen and a variable lever. 

I imagine the nanny cameras is on front and the big screen would let you see your photos and video more happily.

The Nikon i-Ball is an anther concept with no description, but from its looks, I would bet it is a webcam of some sort. What do you think of these cameras?

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Best amazing images around the world

Amazing World Images : Outstanding images from around the world. 

They show everything: humor, natural disasters and other special moments. We can call it is the most fascinating news from around the world in pictures, so as the picture is worth a 1000 words let the pictures speak for themselves, look and you will experience the amazing story they tell to you.

Amazing Images

Amazing Images

Amazing Images
Amazing Images

Amazing Images

Amazing Images

Amazing Images

Amazing Images

Amazing Images

Amazing Images

So as the picture is worth a 1000 words let the pictures speak for themselves, look and you will experience the amazing story they tell to you.

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Prepare to install 300 CCTV cameras in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: Following the terror attacks in Mumbai recently, Ahmedabad police has certain to install 300 CCTV cameras at over 100 significant locations across the city. In order to roll out the scheme, there is a plan to form a citizen's security trust, which will raise funds. 

"With the recent terror attacks in Mumbai, we feel that there is an urgent need to have a complex of spy cameras in a city like Ahmedabad, which has always been on the terror target," Police commissioner S K Sinha told PTI.

CCTV Cameras

"The government system takes time, but we need the CCTV network to be installed at the earliest. Therefore, we plan to outline 'Ahmedabad Citizen Security Trust (ACST)', which would fund the project for the initial three years, after which, it would be merged into the government programme," Sinha said.

"The resources raised through donations would be used only for the reason of installing CCTV cameras across the city at over 100 locations," he added.

"Images from the CCTV cameras would be transmitted during 3G broadband network to the police control room, from where, monitoring would be done," Sinha said. He added that the cameras would not only assist in case of terror attacks, but also in the recognition of local crime and traffic related offenses. 

The police commissioner said that such systems need to be installed directly, considering the terror threat. Also, if 2 to 3 years pass before the project is approved, the technology may have changed and more sophisticated security equipments would then be available and it won't make any point in installing old technology cameras, Sinha said. 

According to Sinha, BSNL has approved to be measurement of the project. 

He added that if more funds are together after deducting the cost of CCTV camera network, the ACST could also take up responsiveness activities on security issues in the city. 

Sinha said that he had efficiently implemented parallel models for traffic related issues in Surat and Rajkot districts while he was posted present as police commissioner. 

The state government has already determined to install CCTV based City Surveillance and Intelligent Traffic Management System (CSITMS) in main cities of Gujarat to monitor traffic in responsive areas, for which tenders have been floated. 

Initially the system would be installed in cities of Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Gandhinagar and Somnath. To know more about hidden cameras

Bee Man contest in China

Audacious beekeepers fight it out in a regional bee bearding competition in the Hunan Province, China. Bee bearding is the art of wearing several hundred thousands of bees on the face and body at one time. 

China Bee Mans

Bee Mans in China

Bee Man in China

China Bee Man title=

Beekeeper Lv Kongjiang, 20, stands with bees covering his body on a weighing scale during a "bee attracting" contest against fellow beekeeper Wang Dalin in Shaoyang, Hunan province July 16, 2011. 

Wang and Lv competed by standing on a scale wearisome only a pair of shorts and using queen bees they reared to attract other bees onto their bodies. 

Wang won the competition after attracting 26 kg (57 lbs) of bees on his body in 60 minutes, while Lv had 22.9 kg (50 lbs), local media reported. 

In this photo out by Xinhua News Agency, 20 year old beekeeper Lu Kongjiang waves as bees cover his body throughout a contest against 42 year old Wang Dalin, also a beekeeper, in Longhui County of Shaoyang City, central China's Hunan Province, Sunday, July 17, 2011. Wang finally won in the hour long duel since 26 kilograms of bees covered his body, Xinhua said.

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