Preparations For next Olympic Games 2016 Rio de Janeiro

Announced the 2016 Summer Olympics, publicly known as the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, are a major international multi-sport event to be renowned in the tradition of the Olympic Games, as governed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The host city of the Games will be Rio de Janeiro.
They are programmed to be held from August 5 to 21, 2016.

This vertical construction will be placed in Copacabana Island. It will be both an surveillance Tower , and a welcome sign for the visitors arriving by air and by sea at Rio de Janeiro, where the Olympic Games 2016 will take place.

The project is from Zurique, and utilizes solar energy through the day with its solar power panels, to pump the sea water as seen in the model. The movement of the water will be also utilized to turn the turbines and produce the power to work the system at night occasion.

In this Solo City Tower is the Cafe amphitheatre, auditorium, shops etc. Lifts will take the visitors to the top, where the view will be incredible, and bungee jumping will have a special platform.

Top 5 Highest Paid Musicians of the year 2010

U2 - $130 million 

  The world’s biggest rock band U2 launched an enormous world tour in 2009 that has brought in more than $311 million in gross box office revenue. Every tour stop brings in $10 million in gross ticket sales. Add in profitable merchandise sales, heavy radio play and a steady-selling back catalog, and you have the highest-earning band on the planet.

  AC/DC - $114 million

This Australian heavy metal group has been shivering audiences all night long since 1973 and shows few signs of stopping. Second only to U2 in band tour earnings, AC/DC grossed a stunning $226 million on a worldwide tour that included 99 dates and brought in more than $2 million a night.

Beyonce Knowles -$87 million

One half of the most celebrated couple in hip-hop (Jay-Z, No. 6, is the other half), Beyonce continues to increase her business empire beyond music. Endorsement deals with companies ranging from Nintendo to L’Oreal and her growing House of Dereon fashion line bring in millions of dollars per year on top of the $86 million she grossed from a 93-stop world tour.

Bruce Springsteen -$70 million

The poet laureate of New Jersey continues to join with fans around the world. Backed by the E Street Band, Springsteen sold more than 2 million tickets on his world travel around, which grossed $167 million, enough to make it the third highest-grossing tour in the world. Heavy radio play on classic rock stations and a steady-selling backlist adds to his base line.

Britney Spears - $64 million

Not long ago, most of the entertainment world had written Britney Spears off as a famous person flameout. But over the last year Spears logged the fifth highest-grossing tour in the world, bringing in $130 million in gross box office take by playing 98 dates. High-profile endorsement deals with Elizabeth Arden and Candies prove that the public expects Spears to stay in the spotlight for excellent.

World’s top Selling Albums of 2010

24 year old Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster is legitimately the best selling album of 2010. After changing an amazing 5.8 million copies worldwide it relegated Eminem’s chart topper “Recovery” to the runner up spot.

Gaga also rushed Spotify’s most listened to tracks and albums of 2010 list’s top spot. Rounding out the top five albums of the year Justin Bieber selling 5.6 million copies of his My Worlds album, Lady Antebellum sold 3.6 million copies of Need You Now and Taylor Swift came in at number five with Speak Now selling 3.5 million albums. Gaga announced through twitter: “The Fame Monster’ was named the best-selling album of 2010!”. I am so energized for the future, believe, work hard, you will achieve your dreams. She also exposed to expect a special announcement about her forthcoming second album ‘Born This Way’ at midnight on New Year’s Eve (December 31).

Va.-Born Designer Dies in N.Y.


A New York fashion designer who graduated from Marymount University in Arlington and grew up in McLean, decorating the walls of her childhood bedroom with magazine cutouts of runway models, was found dead in an swarming bathtub in a boast Manhattan hotel early Thursday. Sylvie Cachay, 33, was face up and had mark near her neck and an evident bite mark on her body, according to a orator for the New York Police Department, but the cause of death has not been determined.

Cachay's boyfriend, Nicholas Brooks, the son of songwriter Joseph Brooks, has been charged with attempted murder and strangulation, according to the Associated Press. Officials did not clarify why the charge was attempted murder.

On Friday, a sturdy flow of associations and friends streamed into the Cachay family's liberal white brick house in McLean, tucked into a woody locality nearby to the Beltway. Cachay, who was a dual citizen of the United States and Peru, came from a large family of Peruvian immigrants. She was born and grew up in McLean with father Antonio, a surgeon with a private practice who is allied with Inova Fairfax Hospital; mother Sylvia, an artist; and Brother Patrick, who works.

Women Who Motivated A Proud 'Alpha Girl' Attorney

Stefanie J. Sundel

She is a conceited "alpha girl “of Gen Y and a lawsuit associate in a Manhattan-based law firm. I grew up with the fruits of feminism and am fortunate to collect the plums of my grandmother's and mother's years in the well-known trenches. When it comes to mentor, I am well-nourished by the know-how of more skillful, talented women in the law and past. I underline here several mainly rousing ones.

Matching femaleness and Supremacy

Two visionary women entrepreneurs founded a school for girls in 1920, the year women won the right to vote. As we heard at school assemblies, Frances Nicolau Nightingale's kindness and enthusiasm, joined with Maya Stevens Bam ford’s steadfastness and intellectual ambition, created a school to educate the mind and heart together. They had a vision, defined it, refined it, and launched it into action with enthusiasm to flawless execution. For generations, their leadership has helped girls, including me, become strong, independent, confident women in the workplace.

Although I never had the possibility to personally meet Miss Nightingale or Miss Bamford, their legacy was brought to life for me by Dorothy A. Hutchison, Head of School. The way Miss Hutchison carries out her ambitious mission is exemplary. Miss Hutchison rules with a firm fist while being irrefutably feminine and empathetic. She taught me that a woman can lead at an executive level successfully, like a warrior with an armory of attacks, without compromising her femininity and accepted joyfulness.

Kerry Armstrong Is Building On Her Strengths, Writes Darren Devlyn


Kerry Armstrong, prominent for lighting up the screen in a string of film and TV projects as well as Lantana, Sea Change and Bed of Roses, is a scarcity in the substitute business.

Unlike most of her colleagues, who dread that doing or saying the wrong thing could have an unfavorable effect on how they are alleged, Armstrong has the self-declaration to speak frankly and honestly about life at and away from work.

It's evident when you watch her play Louisa Atherton in Bed of Roses that her years of familiarity are vital to her performance as a deeply complex, imaginative woman.

Fashionistas at Home at Corona


Do you hate when people act like the bar is their delicate runway? As if all the nightclub patrons should move out of the way for a little lean girl to prance in a skin-tight setup while everyone watches? Oh, this is a fashion show?

To fund-raise for the launch of his new fashion magazine tramp, local blogging fashionisto Tomik Dash summoned a crowd of Atlanta clothes-horses last Thursday at Halo, below the Biltmore in Midtown. Dash, which was fair a gold-leafed uni brow and a half-foot bleached Mohawk, handed out mini-mags with fashion spreads he styled to tease the real thing to come.

I thought it was purely a stylish set at the party; I didn't understand I was in the presence of Atlanta's haircut. The hairstylists of the city seem to have a tight, influential network and one stern hairstyle after another reminded me of the power beneath those bangs. One elegant gent even had a checkerboard shaved into the sides of his curly ginger Mohawk.

Students Show Us How to Show Off the Hottest New Trends


Students at the University of Central Lancashire will turn into fashion fairy godmothers for the night, when they show the people of Preston how to wear this season’s most modern new trends.

Style Unwrapped is a fashion event hosted by third-year students on the Fashion backing with styling course at the Preston University. The all-female class will show their listeners how to wear this years Christmas trends, whatever their age, size or budget.

The catwalk show is the second annual occasion held by members of the course, but the first instance they have moved out of the limitations of the university. They have chosen the Harris Museum as the venue for the show, and hope to bring a new and mottled audience to the famous city setting.

Bayelsa Fashion Week 2010: A Merge of Inspiration and Ethnicity


Observance to the promise of stability made last year by wife of the governor of Bayelsa state, Mrs Alayingi Sylva to make sure that the economic standard of youths in the State is enhanced, the office of the First Lady in association with Legendary Gold Limited, held the 2nd edition of the Bayelsa Fashion Week in Yeneagoa the state capital recently.

The week long commotion which finished with the grand finale held penultimate Sunday at the Banquet hall, Yenagoa, featured collections from seven young designers and fifteen models all indigents of the state. The occasion which was witnessed by top government functionaries and other Bayelsa citizens, also had worldwide presence from the global fashion industry as part of the judges.

The designers displayed their inspired skill with the beach, casual, corporate, evening as well as celebratory wears, all made with African fabrics elegantly crafted to suite today’s style. Designers were judged on their outstanding ingenuity, patterns, cut, intermingle of colors and largely finishing.

Porsche 1, Naysayers 0


The purists and naysayers were wrong about Porsche AG. They sniffed at the impurity of a famous sports car company with a pompous history moving into the sport-efficacy and high-performance four-door car business, and they were wrong.

No wonder Porsche is building money again. Operating profit increased to more than $525-million. Revenue for the first three months was up 80 per cent to more than $2.5-billion. The order bank is full, also, which suggests a good 2011 for the Volkswagen Group’s latest brand. In recent times Porsche may have suffered enormous losses and utter humiliation resulting from an aborted attempt to take over the much larger VW AG. But that is all in the past, says Matthias Mueller, Porsche’s new CEO.

Claire Lynch to Achieve At Randy Wood's Pickin Parlor


Claire Lynch, and proficient bluegrass artist, burst onto the music scene in the 1970s and rapidly earned a status as a top female soloist in the largely male-dominated world of bluegrass.

Emmylou Harris raved; I have always thought Claire Lynch has the voice of an angel. Dolly Parton described her as having one of the sweetest, purest and best lead voices in the music business today.

This former lead singer for the Front Porch String Band now enjoys a flourishing solo career and has been chosen for two Grammy Awards.

She continues to earn applause for her music and has been named the International Bluegrass Music Association's Female Vocalist of the Year.

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